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Albion's Essential Saddle Fitting Tips

Performance at every level will be entirely influenced by the quality of the saddle fit. ‘The saddle must disperse the weight of the rider at an acceptable level of pressure over an acceptable area of the horses back’. We recommend without exception that all saddles are fitted by an experienced, qualified saddle fitter to ensure true potential of your horse is gained through maximising comfort, balance, stability and freedom.

Regular observations by your qualified saddler of the following points, will ensure your horse is comfortable and will guide you when your saddle requires attention by your saddle fitter. The purpose of the saddle tree is to distribute the rider’s weight evenly over the acceptable area of the horses back.


1.  The arch of the saddle in front must never contact the wither.

2.  The rigid part of the saddle (tree) must always be clear of the shoulder blade.

3.  Always see clearance through the length of the saddle gullet.

4.  Ensure the gullet is wide enough to avoid sideways pressure on the spine.

5.  The panel filling must always have a springy feel. Never hard or lumpy.

6.  The points of the tree must lay parallel to the firm contact of the horse.

7.  The saddle must be balanced to evenly distribute the rider’s weight over the acceptable

     area of the horse’s back.

8.  The panel contact should be even on the horse through the length of the saddle.

9.  Keep records of changes of your horse’s weight, fitness and maturity.

10. Observe the attitude of your horse whilst tacking up and during work.


 Customization available on specific models when required

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