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Why use a Saddle Fitter?


Services and Fees

Why Use a Saddle Fitter?


Your saddle is the single most important piece of equipment you will ever buy for your horse. A well-fit saddle will distribute the rider’s weight over your horse’s back, ensure freedom of movement and enhance performance. It will support and encourage a proper riding position. A poor fitting saddle can negatively affect performance and behavior as well as cause injury to the horse’s back and shoulders. It can also negatively impact the rider’s position.


Key points to consider for the equine athlete:



Even weight distribution

Proper tree fit

Spinal clearance

Billet position



Key points to consider for the rider:


Correct body position

Correct leg position





Achieving your horse’s best can only be accomplished by employing a great support team, including an experienced saddle fitter. Please contact us to book an appointment at your farm



Stringer Equestrian Co can supply most major brands of saddles. We do however specialize in Albion and our partner wholesale company holds extensive inventories.

Services and Fees


Call Fees: Stringer Equestrian Co. is located in York Region. A call fee will be applied whenever a barn visit is necessary, for regular barn visits as well as picking up and dropping off saddles. Call fees will vary depending on the location of your farm and will be charged in addition to any work being provided (Please see map).


Saddle Fit Assessment/Consultation: An important role for the saddle fitter is to assess the fit of existing saddles, offer advice and help customers to select the best possible options for them and their horses. This advice is based on the saddle fitter’s experience with different breeds/types of equine athlete as well as knowledge of available saddle brands/models and options within these brands.

Stringer Equestrian Co. applies a flat rate for all saddle fit consultations. Should the customer purchase a new saddle from Stringer Equestrian Co. based on this advice, the fee will be refunded in full to the customer upon the purchase of the new saddle: $100


Tree adjustment: $200


Albion Adjusta-Tree Adjustment: $100


Wool panel regular reflocking: $200


Tree adjustment and reflocking: $250


Wool panel complete reflocking/complete replacement of existing flocking: $300


Minor wool stuffing adjustment: $75


Billet replacement: $35


Shop rate: $75/hour


Please enquire about any additional work.


Call fees (Please see ‘Contact Us’ map for explanation):


Area A: $50 call fee *


Area B: $75 call fee*


Area C: $100 call fee*


Area D: $ 125.00*


*Call fees may be reduced for groups. Call fees are charged in addition to all work.



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